Construction Equipment Service & Repair

 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

 Stick, Boom, and Bucket Repair

 Haul Truck Bed Liners and Relining

 Line Boring and Portable Milling

 Full Cutting and Welding Capabilities

 Portable Machining

 Precision Drilling


Crane and Dragline Parts


FEMCO can source or manufacture critical replacement parts for American, Lima, B-E, P&H, Marion, Link Belt, and Page machines. We can reverse engineer obsolete, expensive and long-lead–time parts.


Quality Used Parts


FEMCO Machine can supply you with good quality used assemblies and parts for your crane or dragline. Track pads, hoist assemblies, lagging, engines, and other parts can be sourced for a more economical solution to your parts needs.


Undercarriage Parts


FEMCO also offers new aftermarket undercarriage parts for the Lima 2400 and BE 88B. FEMCO's new undercarriage parts, idlers, tumblers, and track pads are made by world leading foundries and machined and inspected by FEMCO to insure the quality.


Torque Converter Exchange Program


FEMCO works with qualified repair facilities to provide repaired and tested torque converters for Lima, B-E, and Manitowoc equipment. Also, our team of experienced field service technicians can provide troubleshooting and expert installation.


Service Exchange Components


FEMCO offers service exchange components which have been re-machined and repaired back to OEM standards. Components such as jackshafts, tumblers, drag, and hoist assemblies are available for immediate delivery thus reducing your down time.


Component Repairs


FEMCO has the expertise to return your components back to industry standards backed by our warranty. All components are repaired and machined at our facilities.


Ring Gear, Roller Path Services


FEMCO Machine can build you a new ring gear, roller path, or repair your existing unit. House and hook roller wear areas are welded and machined back to OEM standards. Worn and broken teeth are welded and cut back to industry standards. Car bodies with an integrated circle can be fully repaired.


Gear Re-Rimming and Sprocket Repair


FEMCO can re-rim your expensive bull gears and drive gears with new teeth and splines. Also, FEMCO can repair your worn drive sprockets back to industry standards.


Field Service


FEMCO Machine's industry recognized field service team operates a fleet of more than 40 mobile machine shop trucks which can offer complete field rebuilds, emergency repairs, troubleshooting, and component repairs. Our trucks are equipped with line boring, welding, portable machining, and optical alignment equipment. We will get the job done right the first time and on schedule.


Quality Used or Rebuilt Parts


FEMCO can supply you with quality used assemblies and parts for your crane or dragline, including: Gears, Drums, Sprockets, Shafts, and Rollers. 




FEMCO offers a wide variety of services for the Construction industry, including: a combination of CNC and manual machining centers to provide the most efficient blend of precision, quality, and cost savings to our customers. FEMCO is your source for new and used replacement parts for cranes and draglines. FEMCO can rebuild, repair, manufacture or source all your crane parts.  We offer reverse engineering for obsolete, expensive parts or long-lead-times parts.  FEMCO can supply you with quality used assemblies, rebuilds and repairs parts for cranes.


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