FEMCO offers national coverage for the Oil and Gas Industry. The FEMCO/ Spencer–Harris facilities have the machinery and technical expertise to manufacture, repair or rebuild a wide range of components from drilling rigs through well stimulation equipment. Each location is equipped to provide field service with qualified rig mechanics for 24/7 service.


Top Drives:


For all makes, hydraulic or electric, FEMCO can provide annual or five year inspection including run out on our in house dyno. We also offer a wide range of aftermarket parts. Category IV inspection and repair of top drive tracks is available at all locations.


Crowns and Travelling Equipment:


With API Q1 certification and API 8C license, FEMCO can manufacture the components for the crown and provide Category IV certification for blocks and hooks.




From field repair to complete refurbishment, FEMCO can service or inspect all models of drawworks. AC gear boxes can be rebuilt including providing new gear sets. FEMCO offers service for work over rig drawworks and right angle drives.


Mud Pumps:


Repair in the field or shop refurbishment for all models of mud pumps and frac pumps.



Iron Roughnecks:

ST80 - Before         ST80 - After


FEMCO has extensive experience rebuilding Iron Roughnecks for the oil drilling industry for all ST-80 models, B&V and Forum iron roughnecks.




FEMCO offers a wide range of aftermarket parts for ST80’s. We have extensive experience with the following major components: ST-80 Iron Roughneck Complete Control Panels, ST-80 Iron Roughneck Lift Carriage, ST-80 Iron Roughneck Carriage, ST-80 Iron Roughneck Spinner Wrench/Gear Box/Transmission and ST-80 Iron Roughneck Hose Kits. We understand that proper and regular maintenance is important for the safe and reliable operation of your Iron Roughneck.  


Well Stimulation Components:


FEMCO is an API-6A licensed manufacturer of well stimulation components including frackheads, top connectors, spools, flanges, tees and crosses. The stringent API Q1 and license requirements assure that products are being built to the strictest industry standards.




Hydraulic Catwalks:



Oil & Gas





FEMCO can repair or rebuild a wide range of fracturing and drilling components including Planetary Gearboxes, Rotary Tables, Brakes, Frack heads and other components.  FEMCO can also repair Horizontal Drilling Equipment, Power Tongs, Thrust Boxes, Fluid Modules, Stabilizers and Centralizers.  FEMCO’s Field Service Team consists of highly trained machinists, welders, and mechanics who are qualified to work on most industrial equipment.


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