Custom Service Parts

FEMCO offers a combination of CNC and manual machining centers to provide the most efficient blend of precision, quality, and cost-savings to our customers. We utilize modern manufacturing practices, such as LEAN manufacturing, to help produce the most reliable, cost-effective products possible.

Expert custom parts manufacturing with FEMCO

Parts — Customized For Each Machinery or Repair Across Industries
Nationally Capable, Locally Focused

Oil & Gas Parts from FEMCO

Oil & Gas Parts

FEMCO offers kits and parts for the Oil and Gas Industry. From drilling rigs to drawworks and roughnecks, we will assist with manufacturing, repairing, or rebuilding with our technical expertise and customer service parts.

Press Parts from FEMCO

Press Parts

FEMCO offers a wide range of press and upsetter repair parts. Custom parts include pins, rods, core beams, and other components to build or rebuild presses and powder metal presses.

Crane Parts from FEMCO

Crane Parts

FEMCO is your source for new and used replacement parts for all makes and models of cranes and draglines. We can source or manufacture critical replacement parts for over 10,000 crane prints on file. FEMCO can also reverse engineer obsolete, expensive parts and those that require long-lead-times.

Crusher Parts

FEMCO leverages Excel™ for parts needed to manufacture, repair, and rebuild machinery in the Mining and Aggregate Industy. Excel™ is a full-line provider of replacement parts for extraction and comminution equipment, ensuring productivity for mining and aggregate operations worldwide.

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