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FEMCO offers a wide range of press and upsetter repair and manufacturing services, including extensive capabilities and experience in rebuilding, repairing, and upgrading powdered metal and industrial press equipment. In addition, FEMCO manufactures presses to any specification or design.

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3D Solid Modeling



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3D Solid Modeling Press Design with FEMCO

3D Solid Modeling Press Design

At FEMCO, the press design process is streamlined by utilizing the latest in 3D solid modeling design. Precision components are then manufactured and assembled in-house to create industrial machinery used worldwide.

The powdered metal presses are used in many industries to efficiently and effectively produce high-precision components used every day by consumers worldwide. Our new and refurbished compacting presses require a wide range of design and manufacturing capability and flexibility. With 3D solid modeling, we can exceed expectations at FEMCO with each new press produced.

Press manufacturing and repairs with FEMCO


FEMCO's extensive shop space, expertise, new OEM parts as well as reverse-engineered parts production enables us to rebuild any powder metal press up to 2,500-ton capacity. Coupled with our combined with our state-of-the-art touchscreen press control enables us to fully rebuild your press to not just as is, but better standards with control feeder upgrades.

Press manufacturing and repairs with FEMCO
FEMCO "EL" Series Mechanical Compacting Powder Metal Presses


Crown weldments drive train, and load-bearing components are designed using state-of-the-art finite element analysis. This design process minimizes stress and provides maximum service life to all critical components. Designed for ease of maintenance, which ensures maximum uptime and productivity. Ball screw feeder for precise control of the powder loading cycle. Outboard ram guiding system for consistent and accurate alignment of upper punch. For maximum rigidity, the press frames are preloaded to 200% of the rated pressing capacity

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3D Solid Modeling Press Design

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